Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Houston the Elf

Dear Houston,

Can you hide on me and McIver's b-day.  In case you forget mine is September 16th.  McIver's is October 16th.  

Circle yes or no for me.

Circle yes or no for McIver.

Love, Olivia Merritt

PS:  I learned how to write my name in cersive.

PS2: Dose Selena Gomez (an actress on a Disney show) have an elf?

He didn't respond the first night so she left the letter in the fireplace the next night to see if he might be able to find it more easily.

He replied to the letter!  I'm sure having the letter in the fireplace made all the difference.  Houston said he would try to come and hide for their birthdays, but reminded Olivia that he's very busy with Santa these days.  He also told her that Selena's elf's name is Ralph and also showed her that he can sign his own name in cursive, too.  She was thrilled to hear back from him and took the letter to school to show her friends.

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