Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Friday Night:
Pool Closing Party - Lots of friends, food, water slides - Friend spent the night

Day at the Lake

Mattie & Olivia - I had to give Mattie's dad directions to our house by water.  Their place is all the way across the lake, near the dam, so it was not an easy feat.  But, he made it - thanks to the giant oak tree at the end of the island and a speed boat that happened to cruise past our cove at just the right moment.

Rode jetskis over to Mattie's family's lake house for the afternoon.  They had a big crowd, but McIver and Mac, Mattie's brother, were the only boys.  They had a great time playing together (and collecting tons of rocks).

Just a few of the umpteen girls (seriously, there were at least 10 little girls!).

Kit rode home with us and spent the night at the lake.


Will was on call and had a pretty rough morning of rounds but he managed to get out on the water for a little while.

Olivia relaxing.

Tex LOVES boat rides.

McIver and Tex on the boat - we tried to go to the Rusty Anchor to hang out and listen to the music, but it was so packed there was just nowhere to dock.

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