Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Birthday!

Olivia was up with the sun on her birthday.  I didn't even have time to decorate her room like I did last year because she was up so early.

But, Houston the Elf DID make an appearance.  He's holding a little sign wishing Olivia a Happy Birthday.  He also left a note on the bathroom mirror so she knew to look for him.

When I took McIver to Target to buy a gift for Olivia, he just knew she would love this giant turquoise body pillow.  And, he was even more excited when he discovered the bright orange clearance tag and realized he'd only have to spend $4!  Olivia and her buddy Kate have cleared out the little attic room right off of Olivia's bedroom to make it a hang out.  It's about a million degrees in there, but McIver thought they'd like to be able to prop up on the pillow while they listen to music.

Speaking of music, Olivia also received a new iHome for her iPod.  She has been 'borrowing' Will's docking station for about 3 months and he's glad to have it back.  Her new dock can change colors so she was pretty excited about that.

Apparently, turquoise is the new black.  Olivia was VERY excited about her new jacket from Nanoo and Pop.  Nanoo was careful to double-check with me that "ibiza blue" was really the color she wanted.  Looks like she's a fan!

After breakfast, the kids went outside to play with Tex and wait for carpool.   Looks like Tex is thinking about cake!

Will didn't have surgery until late morning, so he was able to be home for all of the morning celebrating.

The kids have a half-day of school today.  I'll pick them up from school at noon, then we'll grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the airport for Olivia's biggest birthday surprise.  The Netherys are coming from Houston to spend a long weekend with us.  She has NO IDEA!!!  We're going to spend tonight at the lake and then come back to town for the rest of the weekend.  I'm so excited for all of us!

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