Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fondue Party

We invited our Supper Club over on Saturday night for a Fondue Party.  We had beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops, vegetables with cheese and some sort of broth fondue.  It was delicious and SO MUCH FUN!  I didn't take many pictures, but this one shows the spread - and Will working hard to keep everything on schedule.

We didn't get around to eating the chocolate fondue on Saturday night because we were just so full from everything else.  So, Will whipped it up on Tuesday night after dinner.  The kids LOVED it!

McIver tried everything - strawberries, peaches, pineapple, banana and (homemade) poundcake.

Olivia's 1st attempt was a strawberry...

Her strawberry fell into the pot.  In case you didn't know, the 'penalty' for dropping food into the fondue pot is to kiss the person to your left.  Olivia didn't mind giving her dad a chocolate-y kiss.

After getting the kids in bed tonight, I couldn't find Will.  Turns out, he was busy trying to get a high-score on his new game.  It's a joy-stick-type-thing with games that we played when we were growing up - PacMan, Mrs. PacMan, Galaga, DigDug, Pole Position and a few others.  The kids really wanted a Wii, but they've been pretty excited about this.  Too bad Will has already made the high score on Galaga unattainable for them.  He was in the playroom, by HIMSELF, scoring 130,000+ - and is quite pleased with himself.

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