Thursday, September 30, 2010

Olivia's Birthday Party

Olivia invited 5 friends to spend the night at the lake last Saturday to celebrate her birthday.  They had a great time riding the jet skis, tubing, dancing and dressing up and just being silly.

The weather Saturday was perfect for all water activities.

How many noodles does it take to hold up 4 little girls?

They decorated pillowcases to take home.  Olivia's had peace signs all over them.  One of the girls couldn't make it to the party so they all chipped in to decorate one for her.

Dinner is served!

Olivia and I were quite proud of the iPod cake we made and decorated together.

McIver thought it tasted pretty good, too.

Woke up to rain on Sunday morning but that didn't stop these girls.  They still swam in the lake and wanted to ride on the tube.  The jet skis had been put away already, but we pulled them behind the pontoon boat.  

They said being pulled behind the boat was even more fun.  

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