Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dinner with the Stricklins

WAY too much time had passed since we'd been able to see the Stricklins so we headed down to Pearland last night to catch Abby's softball game and then grab a bite to eat. As usual, we had a great time (in spite of the fact that one of our children was grouchy for most of the night).

I found these SpiderMan sweat bands in Target's $1 section yesterday and couldn't resist. McIver wore them most of the afternoon (since he had worn one of O's headbands yesterday afternoon, this was certainly the more preferable of the two options!).

He was even kind enough to share them with Sam. Then they started filling empty Gatorade bottles with red sand - they had a ball.
Abby had time for a quick picture between innings.
After the game, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. It was packed with post-softball game teams and avid basket ball viewers. We managed to get a table pretty quickly though and our waitress rocked - she knew just what we needed to keep the kids happy - food, fast.
Mark my words: We will NEVER put another quarter into a machine in an effort to try to win a $2 squishy light-up ball! "Winning" these balls last night caused more strife and tears than it should have. I bet we spent about $15 in quarters - and Olivia's has already popped. Argh! I will say, though, that the cheers from our table when the balls were won equalled the cheers when a team scored on the big screens.
After dinner Gay & I sent the Dad's to the playground behind Jake's while we enjoyed a few minutes to catch up. Why don't more restaurants have playgrounds!? It definitely is a good thing.

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