Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break Fun

We flew out of Houston last Saturday and met GranDaddy and Mamoo at the Columbia airport.  They took Olivia and McIver to lunch at McAlisters (a Columbia favorite) and then GranDaddy took the kids to Myrtle Beach.  GranGran was taking care of Amelia while her parents enjoyed a long weekend in West Virginia.  Olivia and McIver were SUPER excited to see Amelia and to help babysit.

Will and I hit the road for Augusta to see Ashley & Mark.  We were delighted to hear the good news that they are expecting Baby Pritchett in September.  We loved being able to spend time with them in Augusta - dinner at TakoSushi on Saturday, golf for the guys on Sunday/church, a movie and shopping for Ash & me.  We had a brief visit with Susan & Lenson, Ashley's parents.  We had not seen them since Ashley's wedding - they have not changed a bit!

Will and I left Augusta on Monday morning to get back to Columbia for a few days.  Will and Tupp played golf.  We had dinner with Tupp & Elizabeth at Mr. Friendly's - a new favorite!  Spent Tuesday visiting with Mamoo and just riding around Columbia.  I was able to take a tour of SCOA's offices in Columbia.  It was VERY impressive - the building is 125,000 square feet and sees 800 patients per day.  They have on-site chemotherapy and radiation.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner with the MDs from the group and their spouses on Wednesday night.  

On Thursday morning, we went to Charleston so that Will could interview with MUSC.  Before Dr. Underwood picked us up, though, we did squeeze in a (too) brief visit with Jeddie and Willis, 2 friends from Sewanee.  They put on a hard sell for us to move to Charleston, but we'll have to wait and see...

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