Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Rocked Out the Hannah Montana concert!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we had a BLAST at the Hannah Montana concert on Sunday. Gay was given 4 tickets to the hottest show in town and we were lucky enough to be invited to tag along for the ride. Many, many thanks to Jim Miller for the tickets - and for totally making the day of 2 6 year old girls (plus their 30-something Mamas!). Olivia and I have been listening to Hannah Montana since Christmas trying to learn all the words so we'd be ready for the concert. We even spent Friday night with the Stricklins practicing. These girls don't even know how lucky they are - they practiced singing into a microphone that came with a video game. Gay & I showed them how we did it 'back in the day' when we grabbed 2 hairbrushes and started singing into them. The girls looked at us like we'd lost our minds - but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Here we are waiting to ride the train from church to the Rodeo. Needless to say we were NOT the only people with that brilliant idea. We were, however, the only ones applying Hannah Montana band-aid tattoos (pics of the later).

After a prelunch treat of icecream and then our 'rodeo picnic' we were on a mission to find tshirts and souvenirs. Last year, they sold out of tshirts before the concert even started so we were prepared. Abby decided to forgo the tshirt for the HM Memory Book and a set of back-stage passes. Olivia stuck with her plan for a tshirt and has worn it every day since. For the record, the rodeo folks figured it out this year and we noticed that there were PLENTY of tshirts to be found. They were not going to lose money on that cash cow this year - $30 for a tshirt, $60 for a hoodie, it was crazy! But, since our tickets were free, we felt like we could splurge.
The obligatory picture of children and a rodeo boot. We have this same picture with various poses/children/rodeo outfits from each year that we've been to the rodeo.
If you're going to enjoy 2+ hours of rodeo action (seriously - bareback Bronco riding, saddle bronco riding, bull riding, calf roping, team calf-roping, FFA calf scramble and 2 rounds of chuck wagon racing!), you'd better have sustenance. For me and Gay, that meant beer. For the girls, that meant whatever they asked for - we started with cotton candy, then on to a pretzel, popcorn and as many trips to the bathroom as they wished.
Gay & I really had just as much fun as the girls, but we decided against spending all that money on the souvenirs. We'll just blog about it for memory's sake.

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