Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Easter Egg Hunt

We were so glad to see Olivia's godmother, Jane, in Myrtle Beach over Easter weekend.

After lunch and the egg hunt, we sneaked down to the beach for a little while. The weather was perfect and the sand felt good in our toes. Olivia found a cool shell. McIver found a dead crab.
Will met us at the club for lunch after his (very early) round of golf. McIver was glad to see his dad to show him his find - the dead crab.
GranGran tried hard to be impressed with the dead crab.
In case you're wondering, the dead crab made it all the way back to Houston in a ziploc bag sealed with duct tape in my pocketbook. We weren't sure he'd make it through security, but apparently a dead crustacean does not cause any sort of security concern. The crab has been named "Crabby" and has made the rounds at school in McIver's magnifying cup. He's starting to smell, so I think we're going to lose him soon (meaning, I'll toss him in the trash when McIver's not looking!).

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