Friday, March 14, 2008

Rodeo Carnival: Post #1

Went to the Rodeo Carnival this afternoon with our friends Mae and Lana. Mae was in Olivia's preschool classes so it's always funto get together since they don't see each other very much.

I was glad that I watched the weather this morning and knew that it would be H-O-T - like 86 degrees worth of hot - and I thought this was SPRING Break. Apparently, Houston gets about 6 days of spring, then we head straight into summer.

Anyway, the kids loved riding the train from one of the medical center parking garages down to Reliant Center where the Rodeo/Carnival/Livestock show is held. Our first stop was to say hello to some sheep. They would later be used for Mutton Busting - some sort of race where children ride on the sheep. We never got to see it, but I bet it's pretty funny.

The kids LOVED the slide. It's amazing to me that they're old enough to do these rides by themselves.
Mae opted out of this ride the first time around. This was the one ride that made my heart skip a beat once I saw it in motion. By then, though, it was too late, and both Olivia and McIver were laughing their heads off and having a great time.
Lana and I especially liked the rides when all 3 children could ride in the same car. The pirate ride was one of them - ahoy matey!
We took a much-needed break for ice cream and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

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