Friday, March 14, 2008

Rodeo Carnival: Post #2

A fun ride on the 'kiddie' ferris wheel - they were plenty high, I thought. I can't imagine how high the regular ferris wheel must go. Glad that wasn't an option today!

This was actually our 2nd attempt at the fishing game. Normally, I would not waste money on this sort of game, but this was a 'play til you win' game. You might be able to tell from the picture - Olivia and Mae had already won and were (somewhat) patiently waiting for McIver to (finally) win. This is what Olivia looks like when she's hot, tired and OVER the carnival! Just in case you wondered.
She did hang tough just long enough for us to go to the livestock arena so McIver could pet the rabbits. Earlier in this morning, he was trying to convince me that he needed and could take care of a rabbit.

Me: McIver, who in the world would take care of the bunny while we're out of town next week?

McIver: (rolling his eyes) But, Mommy, did you know that we can take the bunny on the airplane?


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