Thursday, March 6, 2008


Lately, we have been saving the crust from the children's sandwiches and putting them out on the fence to watch the squirrels and birds fight over them. The kids have a perfect viewing spot from each of their seats at the table. We already have discerned that the squirrels prefer crusts with peanut butter and honey (or jelly).

We were out of cereal this morning but I was able to tease the children out of bed with chocolate chip muffins. Mom rocks! Then, the fun began - we put a left-over part of McIver's muffin outside on the fence to see which they liked better . . . bread crusts with peanut butter or the chocolate chip muffin.

It took a great amount of patience (and Olivia was later to school today than she has been all year - not later than the last bell, though; she just didn't have as long to play on the playground) but we now know (drumroll, please!) . . .

Squirrels, and birds, prefer chocolate chip muffins over bread crusts. Imagine that!
GranGran and GranDaddy's birdwatching must be rubbing off on us.

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