Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Hannah Montana

Showing off my aforementioned Hannah Montana tattoo. Seriously, I saw some curious looks - surely people didn't think a grown person would have an actual Hannah Montana tattoo!?

We had great seats for the Rodeo and the girls were actually pretty interested in it. We could see the cage (for lack of a better word) where the cowboys were held before they were released. It was pretty exciting once you knew what to watch out for. Only problem was that Gay & I didn't realize just how much rodeo there would be before the concert started. So, we got to our seats about 3:40. Rodeo action started at 3:45. Hannah started a little bit after 6. It was a long wait, but like I said, the girls were into it so it wasn't too bad. We also were on the side of the stage where Hannah's dressing rooms were so we could see her enter and exit them each time she changed clothes or changed from Hannah to Miley and back. THAT was pretty exciting!
Hannah Rocked the Show - some parts were very Disney-esque, but it was a great time!
Olivia wasn't so into the dancing, but she belted out every word she knew!
Abby was singing AND dancing!

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