Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are loving the time change...

... but only when it suits us to stay up later playing in the backyard than Mom usually allows.

We didn't get home yesterday 'afternoon' until almost 6:30. Since it still felt like afternoon, and looked like it, the kids played in the backyard until they were so hungry they started nibbling on their fingers. It wasn't easy to get them to come inside, but I convinced them that it was necessary or else they (and I!) would be BEARS this morning when we were still having to wake up to the darkness.

Here is the obstacle course they created.

Will finally was able to get home at a decent hour - and because of the time change, he and the kids were able to enjoy some QT in the backyard. They even took Murphy for a walk. And, yes, Olivia is STILL wearing her Hannah Montana tshirt from Sunday's concert (and, no, she has not taken it off long enough for me to wash it yet!).

Playing ball in the backyard with Dad - we just need to work on aim.

McIver's got a pretty good arm. It won't be long before O has perfected her cartwheel!

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