Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catherine's Graduation

After spending Saturday morning on the golf course, the dads met us back at the house so we could get ready to drive to Macon to surprise Catherine.  I had sent her several messages telling her how sorry I was that we could not be there, so she was really surprised to see us all walk in.

We managed to get to Macon almost an hour before graduation started so we stopped for some wine and a few appetizers at the Downtown Grill.  

We laughed that we looked like the Sex and the City girls walking the streets of New York City - except that we were in an alley in Macon, GA and look/dress/behave nothing like those four friends.

As we cruised up to the auditorium, we stopped to ask the Fire Chief if he knew somewhere we could park quickly since we were running late.  We only batted our eyes at him just a little bit (wink, wink).  He was kind enough to point us just across the street and let us park in one of his fire chief parking spots.  So, in true YaYa fashion, we asked to have a picture with him before we went inside.

As we walked in, we realized the graduates were all lined up to process.  It didn't take long to find Catherine and see how completely SHOCKED she was.

We were actually on the very last row of the auditorium.  But, that didn't stop us from cheering for Cacoo as she walked across the stage.

Congratulations, Catherine!!  I'm so glad we were all able to be there.

Our Petite YaYa is all grown up.

Check out Grandma Janet giving the thumbs up!

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