Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Undercover Visit to Myrtle Beach

McIver and I hit the road last Friday for a long weekend visit in Myrtle Beach.  We're not telling Olivia - everyone in Myrtle Beach who saw us is asked to erase the memory and never speak of it.  I'd hate for Olivia to feel like she misses out on anything fun while she's at camp.  Really, the only thing I think she'd be upset about is the fact that we were able to meet this bundle of joy...

McIver was so excited to hold Eliza Claire Merritt (2 wks).

When we first arrived, GranGran and GranDaddy were unpacking their latest shipment of meal worms for their bluebirds.  The last time we were part of this process, it was quite a mess.  This time went much more smoothly.

It's so fun to sit on the patio and watch the bluebirds.  The babies are almost as big as their mama, and are perfectly capable of feeding themselves.  But, you can see from this picture that they're more than happy to let dad do the work for them if he's around.

We also played on the beach.  McIver loved finding periwinkles and watching them dig their way back into the sand.

We had to cut our beach time short because we heard some thunder rumbling.  Thought we could go to the pool and just wait it out, but then the rain started.  Robert and I were on the golf card with Amelia and McIver.  As we pulled into the backyard, McIver hopped out to see if the back door was open, but he slipped and fell and hurt his shin pretty badly.  Then, just as Robert and I were running over to check on Mac, we heard THE LOUDEST clap of thunder that I've ever heard.  Poor Amelia was on the golf cart all by herself and was scared to death.  It took some doing, but we finally managed to get everyone inside and calmed down.

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