Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olivia at Camp

I love that I can go onto the Rockbrook blog to check in and see what campers are doing (and eating) at camp.  I don't know exactly what activities she has signed up for, but I can read up on what they have been doing in general.  Olivia was probably OVER THE MOON that they brought in a blow-up water slide for the afternoon of her arrival.  And, (drumroll please!) they had a shaving cream fight.  She had seen pictures of that on the Rockbrook website and talked about how much fun that would be.  I didn't have to heart to tell her they might not do that during every session so I'm super excited that they did it on her very first day.

This shot was taken as she waited to do her swim test.

Dinner last night was homemade pizza - looks like she has cleaned her plate at least once!  Campers dressed up as rock stars for dinner so Olivia was all set with Cacoo's old dance costumes.  Kit is even wearing one of Cacoo's costumes, too.

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