Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on Olivia at Camp

Saw this picture on the camp photo gallery yesterday.  Looks like Olivia's having fun - she's smiling, she's with a group, etc.

Then I heard from my mom that she received a note from Olivia's counselor (she accidentally sent the note to one of our 'in case of emergency' addresses rather then our home address).  Anyway, the note said that Olivia was adjusting well and that she's very creative - she had organized a cabin-wide whoopie  cushion war.  She also reported that Olivia had signed up for gymnastics, photography, horseback riding and sports.  So, things were sounding good.

I received our first letter from Olivia in yesterday's mail, though.  And, I quote:

Dear Mommy and only Mommy.  I hate camp I want you to pick me up as soon as possible.  No letters or anything.  Just come pick me up.  As soon as you get this letter Because I hate camp hate it so bad I'm crying.  Day 1 hate camp hate camp hate camp hate camp

It broke my heart to hear that she was so sad when I thought she was having such a great time with the water slide, shaving cream fight, etc.  It almost (almost!) made me want to get in the car and drive straight up there to pick her up which is exactly what you're NOT supposed to do.  Anyway, for my peace of mind, I have a call in to the counselor to make sure that things have improved since 'Day 1' for my first time camper.

To be continued...

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