Friday, June 25, 2010

Zoo with McIver

I promised McIver that we could go to the Zoo while Olivia was away at camp.  She is not a fan of the heat or the smell and assured me that she would not be upset to miss out on that.  I kept thinking that one day the forecast would call for any temperature below 95 degrees, but it did not.  So, we had to go on Wednesday - our last possible chance because we were picking Olivia up from camp on Thursday.  McIver was in heaven - he didn't mind the heat one bit and loved being able to direct where we went and how long we stayed there.  (Although, I will confess that I made him linger longer than he wanted in the reptile house ... a first for me!)

Feeding the Lorikeets - it didn't take long for the birds to flock to McIver.

Don't worry, he washed his hands before we left the bird house.

Feeding the giraffe

The bear was enjoying his pool when we first arrived.  I wanted to jump in with him!

Nothing like Dippin Dots to cool off on a hot day!

Oh, no wonder we were so hot and could barely breathe.

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