Friday, June 18, 2010

McIver's Catch at the Lake

McIver was ALL ABOUT fishing again on Wednesday while we were at the lake.  Unfortunately for him, Will had to go to work and I wasn't about to bait the hook, much less take a fish off the hook if he managed to catch one.  Since it was still too hot to do much of anything, McIver and I went to see Karate Kid and then go shopping for some things we need to have at the lake.

Anyway, Will got to the lake later in the afternoon and barely had time to change clothes before McIver was on the dock with all of his fishing gear.  Even though it was late in the day, it was still too hot to be sitting on the dock, so we all ended up in the water.  Will rigged the fishing rod in the pontoon boat, just in case.  You see where this is going, right!?

About 15 minutes later (plenty of time that I had forgotten all about the fishing), we were still hanging out in the water when we heard a strange scraping noise.  Something had gotten McIver's hook and was just about to pull the rod off the boat and into the water.  Will got out of the water faster than I've ever seen and caught the rod before it either broke or was dragged into the water.  After fighting the fish for a while, he finally got a glimpse and said I might want to go get my camera.

I don't think Mac could have reeled it in on his own.

He was huge ...  Will said maybe 25 lbs.

Mac and his catch of the day.

And, finally, another sunset cruise.

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