Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Last week was super busy with VBS at church and packing Olivia up for camp.  I was a 'shepherd' for a group of three year-olds.  There were 9 or 10 of them in our group depending on the day (no, we didn't lose anyone!).  

Olivia couldn't decide if she was enjoying herself - one day she only had one activity that she liked ... arts and crafts.  Then another day, music was her favorite.  Now that it's all said and done, I think she would say it was pretty okay.

The Bible story on Wednesday was John 4: Jesus at the well.  In art that day, the children made a well and wrote their own prayers to place in the well.

Olivia's prayers (she had to do some abbreviating):
Dear Lord please bless my BFFs in Houston, Texas
Dear Lord Please bless Cacoo while she is at college
Dear Lord Please bless my whole family
Dear Lord Please bless new cousin Eliza

McIver's class was instructed to write down something they wanted to thank God for:
Mom, Dad, Tex

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Kelli Merritt said...

Love it! Thank Olivia for the prayers for Eliza. So sweet.