Friday, June 11, 2010

Still more lake weekend

Our supper club came out to spend Sunday at the lake with us.  We spent the day on the lake and had Will's yummy cheeseburgers for lunch.  We were glad to have the pontoon boat because the wind was pretty rough that day.  We took the boat over to a cove and anchored so that we could swim and ride the jet skis in calmer water.

Chase, McIver, Olivia and Maggie didn't mind the choppy water.  They just swam around like fish while we loaded the boat.

John & Jack had a blast on the tube together.

Olivia and Maggie did, too.

Little Molly ... not so much!

Poor Patrick got stuck pulling McIver on the tube.  Actually, I think Patrick was glad to have an excuse to stay on the jet ski.  McIver had a blast and could not be knocked off the tube - he loved the waves and doing figure-eights.

Now that the children have had a few fun weekends at the lake, they're ready to spend every weekend up there.  We have a couple of water bugs on our hands!

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