Thursday, July 31, 2008

Columbia visit with Mamoo (stop #5)

After breakfast with the Dachs and picking Olivia up from Julia's house, we hit the road for Columbia.   I will admit to being very excited to be getting back to Columbia, even if only to drive thru for a few minutes trying to picture us there this time next year.  We drove through the SCOA parking lot so the kids could see where Daddy will be working.  We also drove by a few houses for sale in Shandon that I had seen online.  

But, the main purpose of our visit was to see Mamoo.  She looked great and seems to be getting around pretty well with her walker.  Olivia and McIver gave her big, big hugs and visited with her while they ate lunch.  Then, they discovered her new television which gave me a chance to catch up with her.  

All told, we visited 17 people in a 24 hour time period.  It was very busy, but so good to see everyone.  After our time with Mamoo, it was time to head to Myrtle Beach!!

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