Saturday, July 19, 2008

From the mouths of babes (or McIver!)

McIver has gotten quite into burping lately. He's usually very polite about it and excuses himself immediately. Last night, though, he got Nanoo all tickled at the dinner table, which got me tickled and, then pretty much the whole table started giggling at him.

So today, on the way back to the house from the pool at Big Canoe, he was drinking a Sprite and burping up a storm. Excusing himself after each one. I told him that he needed to stop b/c it's very rude, even when you say Excuse me, and that he needs stop drinking Sprite if he can't quit burping. Or, find a way to keep them to himself (by keeping his mouth closed, etc.).

He immediately changed the subject (or so I thought):
McIver: Can Daddy help me build a tree house in our backyard?
Me: Well, probably not, b/c we already have a playhouse on our swing set and we're going to move out of our house next year.
McIver: Well, I want a tree house and I want my own rules. And the only rule is I can burp with my mouth open!

Side note: On the way home, we stopped and watched a mama deer and two Bambis (spots and all) on the side of the road. They were beautiful!

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Kelli Merritt said...

McIver and his Uncle Robert would get along well in the tree house with those rules:)