Saturday, July 5, 2008


Margaret, the friend who introduced us to Geocaching a few weeks ago, let us borrow her backpack so that we could venture out on our own today. Olivia and I had good luck on our way home and found a great cache all by ourselves. She thought she was really something!

Here are Will and the kids finding our first cache this afternoon. (The children decided to wear their boots to protect their legs from the tall grasses. Last time we had a few cuts and scrapes so they were better prepared this time.)
McIver loves to dump out all the goodies so that he can decide which one he wants to take and what he wants to leave in the cache for someone else to find.
Decisions, decisions! The kids are loving this. We even have our own Travel Bug now - it's one of McIver's Jeep Matchbox cars attached to the Travel Bug dog tag. Now we can watch it travel near and far on the geocaching website. We can't wait to see how far it goes.

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Kelli Merritt said...

Looks like you guys are getting really good at the geocaching thing and Murphy is probably a big help.