Monday, July 7, 2008

Olivia's Lost Tooth & other news

We were at a pool party for Olivia's summer reading class this afternoon when Olivia turned around (from in the pool) and told me she had lost another tooth. We think this is number 7. She's quite pleased with herself!
In other news, when the other kids had gotten out of the pool to enjoy their popsicles, McIver jumped right back in. I asked him to get out and then he proceeded to go under the water and swim away. So, the following conversation happened on the way home...
Me: Okay, McIver, you disobeyed at the pool and kept swimming even after I told you to get out so you have to go to your room while I get supper ready.
McIver: Why?
Me: Because when you disobey, there are consequences.
McIver: Oh no! Not those!

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