Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Kingdom Amusement Park

An Evening-o-Fun at Family Kingdom Amusement Park

We had a great evening last night with GranDaddy at Family Kingdom Amusement Park.  (This would be the same place that he took the kids to last year and went MIA for a few hours - long enough that Ginny and I were about to start calling the hospitals and trolling the neighborhood streets!  Go to "August 2007 - That's What GranDaddies Are For" to read the full story.)  You KNOW it's a fun night when Olivia and McIver, even when food vendors are within sight, do not once ask for food...  There were just too many rides to ride!  

Our first ride was the Hurricane - you know the one - it goes around in a circle forwards, then backwards with loud, loud music and sirens!  Olivia insisted that I join them for the first ride, even though she knows I prefer rides that do not go around in circles.  But, I got the feeling that if we didn't start out on a happy note, then the whole evening might go ka-put.  So, we all hopped right on.  They had a blast and I could barely walk straight afterwards.

Then we hit the bumper cars.  GranDaddy and I both had to ride b/c of height requirements.  GranDaddy was a crazy man behind the wheel!
After patiently waiting for the train, Olivia and McIver rode it by themselves.  They got a great view of the park and ALL the rides it had to offer.  They had a list of must-rides by the time they returned to us.
Will and I are so proud that we have raised roller-coaster fans.  They rode this ride about 5 times - just getting off and getting right back on b/c there were no lines to speak of.  They rode in the front, the back, the middle and everywhere in between - and held their hands up in the air much of the time!
Olivia rode the swings by herself b/c McIver wasn't tall enough.  So GranDaddy took him back to his favorite ride (surprise - it involved shooting targets with a gun - "don't worry, Mama, they're just pretend,"  he told me).  So, O and I took this self-portrait while we waited for them to find us.

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