Friday, July 18, 2008

Treasure Hunt in Big Canoe

We found "Captain Jack's Treasure Map" this morning during breakfast. It was a very elaborate and old map (we could tell b/c the edges were all torn and burned). There was a detailed diagram along with step-by-step instructions to get us to the treasure. So, we set out this afternoon to see what we could find. Fielding (Cacoo's boyfriend) was our guide - he held the map and read the instructions while Olivia and McIver took turns leading the way.

1. Behind the building of the deer (the garage has a deer weather vane on top), our journey begins - Do Not Fear.

2. Up the hill several footsteps make, then turn right - Walk the Planks.

3. Three canoes - green, yellow, and red, point to the right - the direction to head.

4. A pirate's footpath you will find, with Pirate's Gold ... 18 pieces you mind.

5. A pirate flag will point the way, stay on the path - Do Not Stray!
6. A pirate ribbon marks a tree, the treasure if very close to thee.

7. A fallen tree points to the spot, a thicket is where you'll find the lot.

8. Beneath the leaves 2 swords will make The Mark of X, for goodness sake.

9. The treasure is within your reach. It is not buried very deep.
10. Though the path to the treasure is very steep. My Pirate Treasure is Yours to Keep!

And, let me tell you, the treasure chest was FULL of treasure - pirate rings and necklaces, pirate t-shirts and beach towels, pirate bracelets with jibbits, pirate jibbits for the kids' crocs, little bags of 'uncut gems,' and more. Both kids loved it! Thanks, Nanoo and Pop, for a very special treat!

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Liz said...

How cool is that? You have a few pirates on your hands. Very creative!