Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Big Canoe

We spent the rest of our time in Big Canoe relaxing, going to the pool and beach, playing Uno and enjoying the decks.

McIver's first attempt at the rock slide didn't go so well. Apparently, he doesn't weigh enough (or wasn't going fast enough) going down the slide to make it through the current where the end of the slide meets the water. So, he got stuck - and panicked a little bit. No worries - Big Canoe life guards to the rescue! They jumped in and 'saved' him which he thought was pretty cool. He was NOT at all happy, though, that there was a 2nd, smaller slide that he had to go down in order to get to me. So, this picture (and the smile) is from the first attempt!

Subsequent trips down the slide involved me getting in the FREEZING COLD water and being there to catch him at the bottom. And, he was fine with that. Both Olivia and McIver thought it was just great that I was in the water with them. We had all had a blast, but Olivia especially loved it - even more so when she went with just Cacoo and Fielding. Check out the look of pure joy on her face!
Here we all are at the top of the 2nd slide. I realize that it looks like I'm the only one having fun, but I promise, they had fun, too!
McIver and Pop heading out in the paddle boat.

Since Nanoo likes to have the kitchen to herself, Pop and I cleared out of there both afternoons to take the kids to the Wildcat Pool. Plus, Olivia and McIver liked riding in the jump seats in the back of the cab of the pick-up truck they keep at the mountains. It was a pretty relaxing way to spend a few hours - with the side-benefit of completely wearing the kids out before dinner.

Another shot of Pop with Olivia and McIver (in front of the 'planks' from the treasure hunt!)

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