Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day #2 at High Hampton Inn

Breakfast at High Hampton is the BOMB!!  Every meal is a buffet but you just can't go wrong with breakfast - bacon, sausage patties and link sausage, eggs, grits, tons of fresh fruit, biscuits with homemade jellies, pancakes and more.  There's just no way anyone could leave breakfast without a full tummy.

McIver found the best climbing tree of all after breakfast.  Then, he met up with GranDaddy, Olivia, Catherine and Catherine's Papa for a long morning hike.

Jane, Robert and I went to a tennis clinic and played in the round robin on Saturday morning.  The tennis pro was great and we had fun meeting some other folks who were visiting for the weekend.  After tennis, Jane and I stopped at the market for a beer and a chance to visit uninterrupted.

These balloons were a hit all weekend long.  They took forever to blow up and then the kids let them go to see how far they would fly.  They made a terrible screeching noise that the kids loved.

Playing in the lake after lunch.

Everybody loved the paddle buoys.  They're like an early version of a paddle board.  We've got to get one for the lake.  The kids all loved to climb on the board, stand up and let Uncle Jay wiggle the board until they fell off.

The waterfall near our cabin was the back side of the dam at one end of the lake.  I loved being able to sit on our porch and listen to the water.

GranDaddy with all of his grands.  
(McIver had just discovered the 'library' in the main part of the Inn... it was home to the first television he had seen in two days.  Anytime he went missing from Saturday night on, I knew where to find him.  So, it was all he could do to sit still and smile for the camera.  Let's just say that is one painful "cheese!")

Me and my sweet girl.

Mamoo joined us for two nights.  She loved seeing all of us together and enjoying each other's company.  The little girls kept her in stitches during most of the meals.

GrandDaddy with Amelia and Olivia.

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