Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Trip to Macon

The kids and I (well, to be honest, I!) decided to make a quick trip to Macon last week.  I knew we were going to be spending some time with Nanoo and Pop in St. Simons in August, but we didn't have any plans that involved visits with the great-grands any time soon.  So, we packed up last Wednesday and headed to Macon.

Our first stop was at Grandma Myrtle's house.  She's selling her house - the only one I've ever known - and moving to a smaller apartment in August so she was unloading some things.  McIver was THRILLED to receive Bob's (my grandfather) old metal detector.  What fun he had figuring out the knobs and searching for treasure!  She also gave me this portrait of my dad.

Wasn't he handsome?  I think this was when he was in high school because there was also a portrait of my aunt and she was wearing the drape like we wore for our senior pictures.  Anyway, it was a fun visit - we walked around reminiscing and figuring out where she's going to be able to put furniture in her new home.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture.

On Thursday, we went to see Cacoo's new house which was the house that Nanoo and I moved into when I was in 4th grade.  Then, after Nanoo and Pop got married, we moved to Pop's house and Grandma Janet and Pappa moved to Macon and lived in that house.  Grandma Janet moved to a smaller apartment after a fall and subsequent knee replacement surgery.  The house has been empty for a while, but now Cacoo and a friend are living there.  The house looks great; they've got some furniture moved in and are still working on getting settled.  The two new puppies they rescued Wednesday night out to make it look lived in really quickly!  But, I can understand how hard it was to leave this sweet face on the side of the road.

The kids and I took Cacoo to lunch at Moe's to celebrate her birthday a few days early.  Then, Cacoo took the kids to the recycling center on Thursday while Nanoo and I went to a fabric store.  My (and their) understanding was that the proceeds would be split between the three of them.  Cacoo had other plans which, to my surprise, Olivia and McIver let slide pretty easily.

I went to see Grandma Janet and meet her sweet Mama Kitty.

Grandma Janet rode back to Nanoo and Pop's house with me and I was able to get a few pictures.

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