Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have seen several bloggers talk about having their blogs printed in book form.  Originally, this blog was created to help our family and friends in Georgia and South Carolina keep up with our goings-on when we lived in Houston.  It was easier to do this because I didn't have to worry about loading pictures to Shutterfly and figuring out who to send them to (and whether or not they actually wanted to look at all of our pictures).  I also loved that I could write and give the story behind the pictures.  Anyway, once I heard about being able to have the blog printed in book form, I knew that's what I eventually wanted to do.  

I finally took the time to order the first year and a half of the blog for myself as a birthday gift.  I was so excited to check the mail and open up my books (there will be a different book for each year).  The most fun thing, though, has been going back through the book with Olivia and McIver.  They have loved reading about themselves and hearing stories about when we lived in Texas.  They remember some of the stories, but many they do not.  I hope these books will help them remember their childhood and know how much they mean to me to continue to tell their stories.


Christa said...

So glad they turned out. I really love curling up on the couch and walking down memory lane. We love reading about your precious family!

trina lyn said...

Just browsing. Youre from South Carolina like me! :) But Wow I didn't know you could get your blog put into book form, what a great idea.