Friday, July 29, 2011

Day #3 at High Hampton Inn

The grounds all around High Hampton are gorgeous.  The Campiones, Jane's sister's family, showed us the herb and dahlia gardens.  The front desk gave us a pair of scissors and a mason jar to go and cut flowers to bring home.  

Olivia cutting dahlias.

Here's our bouquet.

We had hoped to go to Sliding Rock after lunch, but it sprinkled off and on while we were in the gardens so we tabled the idea for a little while.  Then, the bottom really dropped out.  I was glad we were already tucked away in our cabin.  I read my magazines on the porch for a little until the rain started coming at me sideways.

McIver enjoyed his DS for the first time in days.

Olivia took some time to read a bit.

Olivia was a big help with the children all weekend, but Eliza really kept her busy.  She's on the move now, so we took her for a walk up and down the hallway while we waited for everyone else for dinner.

The last picture of our trip ... after a delicious dinner and lots of laughs!

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