Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Murrells Inlet

After we took Catherine home from sleeping over at our house, Olivia and I loaded up and headed down to the Creek House to meet up with GranGran, GranDaddy, Robert, Kelli and their girls.  Robert and Kelli took Olivia to the beach so that I could stay at the house and watch Wimbledon.  Nadal's loss was heart-breaking, but I'm impressed at how humble and well-spoken he was when he was interviewed right after the championship match.  Even in his second (or third) language, he was respectful of his opponent, didn't make or accept any excuses for his loss, and was easier to understand than most college football players. (I'll get off my soap box now!)

Everyone came back from the beach just long enough to grab a bite to eat and then headed back out.  Olivia loved being with her cousin Amelia.

On the boat ride to The Point.

Hunting for shells (and wearing Amelia's itty-bitty sunglasses).  The Point is pretty awesome - people just cruise up in their boats and anchor them right on the beach.  

McIver swimming in the inlet.

Amelia and Olivia collected tons of shells.  Olivia turned her "O" into a peace sign, of course.

GranDaddy and McIver before our after-dinner cruise.  Check out that view of the marsh ... beautiful and so peaceful!

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