Friday, July 1, 2011

Mad Platter

I 'won' a gift certificate to the Mad Platter at our school auction last fall.  We need some decent-sized coffee cups at the lake so I thought they might let me just bring the kids in to paint six mugs (the party was for six children).   What I didn't realize was that the party was a Tie Dye Party for six children.  So, even though they wouldn't let me trade in our party, I had gotten the kids' hopes up so I took them in to paint a mug each.  Looks like McIver will be having a tie-dye party for his birthday (unless he changes his mind ... again).

Olivia chose her mug and got to work with serious concentration.
 Tiger Paw on one side, "Clemson Girls love their Tigers" on the other side.

McIver chose a mug with a little peace sign on it and selected lots of pain colors.

I'm not sure he ended up using all seven of the colors he chose, but he had a great time painting.

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