Monday, July 11, 2011

Stricklin Visit

Gay and Don, our dear friends from Houston, came to Columbia to visit again this year.  This time, though, they brought the children with them.  It was FUN FOR ALL!!  

The girls started squealing the second they saw each other.

The boys may have taken a minute longer to get excited about seeing each other but they settled right in and started talking Harry Potter and DSi games.

We left the children under the watchful eye of one of our favorite baby sitters so that we could go to dinner at Mr. Friendly's just like we did last year.  It should have surprised us that we were able to get a parking spot right out front ... but it didn't.  Instead, we had to walk up to see this sign ... CLOSED! We missed it by ONE DAY ... total bummer!

So, we went to Pawleys Front Porch for a chance to just take a breath, catch up a bit and decide where to go.  It had rained most of the afternoon, so the porch was actually quite comfortable.  Definitely not as hot as it would have been in Houston!

We decided to go to Rosso's for dinner and everyone decided it was a good second choice.

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