Monday, July 11, 2011

Stricklin Visit - Day 2

The boys packed up and headed up to the lake while the girls went to Polished to get pedicures and then go see Monte Carlo, the new Selena Gomez movie.  Gay and I loved listening to the girls giggle as they picked out their polish and decided whether to get flowers or polka dots on their toes.  The girls enjoyed the movie, but the Mamas felt like it really left a lot to be desired.

Abby & Olivia showing off their matching bathing suits.

We spent the day relaxing in the lake, jet skiing and tubing.  After the kids' dinner, we loaded up the boat to go to Bomb Island to watch the purple martins.

McIver and Sam preparing to drive the boat.

Mamas and their boys.

Will and Don could not possibly have been more relaxed.

Abby and Olivia were happy to pose for a few pictures.

Floating in the lake while we watched the purple martins.

A crazy storm moved in really quickly so we had to pile back into the boat in record time and race home.  The current in the lake was actually pretty scary.  We were all SOAKED by the time we got home.  Once the kids were all settled and tucked in, the grown-ups had Will's delicious fish tacos for dinner.

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