Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stricklin Visit - Day 3

Abby and Olivia had two matching bathing suits from two different stores.   After they got dressed on Friday morning, Olivia told me I'd better take their picture "right now" as if I wouldn't have ALL DAY to take pictures of them in their matching suits.

Mid-morning snow cones seemed like a good idea.

McIver's was so good he wouldn't even look up for me.

Sam loved Tex so much and was always willing to throw the ball for him.  Poor Tex, though.  With eight people ready and willing to throw the ball into the lake, he was the definition of "Dead Dog Tired."  He was so worn out at one point that he didn't even wag his tail, although he would still jump in the lake to retrieve the ball.  We were all really worried that he had somehow managed to break his tail.  But, after a few days rest, he's back with his regular tail-wagging.

I love this shot of Will and Mac floating in the lake together.

Heading out to the Rusty Anchor for cheese sticks and frozen lemonade.

Olivia and Tex getting their groove on. 

"Gotta get low, low, low, low..."

Me and my best girl!

Gay and her best girl

Will and Don without a care on the world.

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Christa said...

South used to get "drop tail" all of the time after jumping in the pool/lake. We usually gave him a Rimadyl and within a day or two it was back to normal. The vet said it is common for labs. They will retrieve for hours! Cute pictures.