Tuesday, July 26, 2011

High Hampton Inn with the Merritts

What a treat!  The children and I just returned from four glorious days at High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, NC with (almost) all of the Merritts.  (Will wasn't able to change his call schedule so he held down the fort for us in Columbia.)  Many, many thanks to Will's parents for treating us to such a fantastic trip.

Arrival on Friday.

The view from our cabin ... overlooks a lake and we could even hear the waterfall from inside our room.

View of the mountain from one of the lawn areas.

High Hampton has 'afternoon tea' every day at 4:00.  McIver found the Game of Skittles while we waited for the staff to set up the cookies and tea.  The game was a hit with guests of all ages.  You wind a string around a top and spin it with the goal of knocking down as many high-value pins as possible.  I think Olivia got the most of our family with a whopping 380 points in one spin.

Visiting with Mamoo on the lawn.

Swimming in the lake.

Mamoo with six of her eight great grandchildren.

After a delicious dinner in the dining room, anyone who wants to participate meets in the lobby for the evening entertainment.  Our first night was Bingo.  McIver managed quite a few cards.

Olivia and Catherine were glad to see each other again after their last visit in Myrtle Beach.  Catherine has been to High Hampton before so she showed Olivia the ropes.  They came 'soooo close' to winning Bingo.

But, McIver was the only winner of our crew that night.  He won $15 (had to split a $30 pot with another winner) on the 'picture frame' Bingo.

Catherine knows all the great climbing trees in High Hampton.

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