Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day #3 at High Hampton Inn

High Hampton is super dog-friendly.  Some cabins are allowed to have dogs and there is a self-serve kennel for guests who are staying in a pet-free cabin.  McIver met these precious pups while we were waiting for everyone to gather for a morning excursion.

Then, we made our way to Whitewater Falls.

Whitewater Falls is 411 feet tall and is the highest waterfall in the Eastern United States.

Off to the right of the viewing area, McIver spotted the stairs that led down to another viewing platform and off he went.  Robert offered to go with him and sweet little JuliAnna was holding my hand and asking if we could go, too, but I wasn't so sure since there were so many stairs.  Jennifer said she would go so the three of us headed down, too.  We met up with Robert and McIver on one of the landings for a quick picture.

JuliAnna and Jennifer at the next platform... the view was totally worth the hike back up all of those steps. 

On our way back down to the parking lot.

McIver saw the deposit box for making a 'donation' to the park.  He was happy to leave my money, but flinched when I suggested that he use his BINGO winnings (tee hee!).

Our next stop was Silver Run Falls.  It didn't take long to get our shoes off so we could cool off in the cold water.

A nice man with children too small to climb to the top of the falls offered to go up with McIver.  Check out how excited he was to get there!  (This was about 10 seconds before he took one step closer to the edge and the nice man, and my hero, grabbed him and they headed back down!)

Jay and his family.

Robert and his family.

I think Olivia sat by Eliza for every single meal.  Look at Eliza's face ... she did not see what was so darn funny ... she wanted a sip of that lemonade!

This post was getting pretty long with LOTS of pictures, so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what we did after lunch.

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